30-Day Sobriety Challenge

30-Day Sobriety Challenge

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Enjoy life without alcohol

Our culture has normalized drinking for all occasions, whether it’s celebrating, socializing, or taking the edge off a bad day. But reaching for booze habitually can be risky to your overall health and happiness. This 30-day sobriety challenge encourages you to examine your relationship with alcohol, learn how to break habits that lead to drinking, and develop new ones that support sobriety and recovery.

What sets this book apart from other sobriety books: 

  • Take it one day at a time—Discover a new entry for each of the 30 days, featuring prompts and activities that delve into everything from willpower to peer pressure, mindfulness, and how alcohol affects you.e
  • It’s based in real psychology—Explore proven strategies for self-care and building healthy routines that were developed by a licensed therapist who specializes in sobriety.
  • You can find your own happy medium—Try out this challenge whether you’re ready to quit drinking entirely or just curious about cutting back and seeing how it makes you feel.


Change your perspective on drinking and become the most content and authentic version of you.