Nighttime Devotionals for Teen Girls

Nighttime Devotionals for Teen Girls

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Empower teen girls to end each day with God’s wisdom

Being a teenager can be tough, but God is there to support every teen girl and help her become the amazing woman she was meant to be. This book of devotions makes it simple for teen girls to spend a moment with their faith at the end of every day, so they can prepare for the day ahead with a sense of purpose and belief. And the best part? It only takes 5 minutes.

This top choice in Christian books for teen girls helps them:

  • Reflect on their day—Before they go to sleep at night, teen girls will take a moment to consider how they can live up to their full potential, follow their dreams, and grow into a person they’re proud of.
  • Explore Scripture—Find out how the Lord’s Word can help girls through the challenges they’ll face with school, friends, relationships, and more.
  • Setting intentions—Encourage teens to grow their strength and faith a little every day with a simple goal at the end of each devotion.


Help your teen girl make God part of her routine and learn to live strong in her faith with the Nighttime Devotional for Teen Girls.