Small Group Workbook: The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men

Small Group Workbook: The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men

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Gather a study group and explore the entire Bible in one year

Studying the Bible with others helps you open yourself up to greater meaning and reflection than studying alone. This small group workbook guides Christian men through the entire Bible every week for one year. Together, you’ll explore prompts, questions, activities, and prayers that lead you from Genesis to Revelation. 

  • Written for men—Find thoughtfully curated discussion topics that focus on what it means to be a man of faith.
  • Easy to manage—The readings are only a few pages long, paired with a schedule to fit every chapter of the Bible into 52 weeks.
  • Opportunities to engage—Each week includes suggested passages to read, a short devotion, questions and exercises for the group, and a prayer to close each session.


Get to know the Word in a new light and strengthen your relationship with Christ with this group Bible study for men.