The Zen Mindfulness Workbook

The Zen Mindfulness Workbook

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Cultivate calm through Zen mindfulness

It’s all too easy to walk through the world preoccupied by our endless thoughts. But that can get in the way of living in the moment and truly experiencing all that life has to offer. This workbook shows you how to quiet your mind and release worry. It examines mindfulness through the lens of Zen teachings and provides exercises that leave you feeling calm, present, and open to possibility.

  • Learn about Zen—Explore the basic tenets of Zen Buddhism, how they can help you let go, and how they enable you to connect with yourself.
  • Take a deep dive into mindfulness—Understand the Seven Pillars of mindfulness, how to achieve a mindful state, and the positive effects of mindfulness, such as better focus and lower blood pressure.
  • Develop your practice—Create your own Zen-based mindfulness practice with a wide range of guided meditations, practical exercises, and inspiring affirmations.


Start living mindfully and alleviate anxiety with this comprehensive Zen mindfulness workbook.