Perfectly Challenging Brain Games for Kids!

Perfectly Challenging Brain Games for Kids!

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Fun and challenging brain games for puzzle-loving kids

Solving puzzles is an awesome way for kids to boost their patience, confidence, and creative thinking. This book is jam-packed with 100 mind-bending games for kids 8 to 12, to help them practice these skills while having a blast! Simple instructions make it easy for kids to jump into each new type of puzzle, and fun facts sprinkled throughout make this puzzle adventure even more a-maze-ing.


  • 10 puzzle types—Help kids explore a huge variety of puzzles, from anagrams and rebuses to riddles and word ladders.
  • Different challenge levels—These puzzles get tougher as the book goes on—with a final Brain Bender at the end of every section—so kids can see their puzzle talents grow.
  • No screens required—Keep kids engaged and off their devices with puzzles they can solve with just a pencil and some perseverance.


Discover a book of brain games for kids that sharpens their minds and makes skill-building fun.