The Bucket List Activity Book for Couples

The Bucket List Activity Book for Couples

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Find the fun in being together and create a bucket list built for two

Making time for fun is the key to a happy and lasting relationship, but in the busy routine of daily life it’s easy for couples to lose their sense of adventure. The Bucket List Activity Book for Couples gives you the tools to plan a lifetime of trips, activities, and experiences that bring joy to your lives and strengthen the bond between you.

  • Get inspired—Tackle a new activity and prompt on every page—like dining in the dark, discussing your thoughts on aliens, or ranking your favorite things—to help you create a unique bucket list item together.
  • Cultivate your connection—Build intimacy and learn more about each other with a wide variety of entries that are physical, emotional, and encourage you to try new things.
  • Track your progress—Find a special section to write down all of your bucket list items, mark off the date you completed them, and record your favorite memories of each one.


Get closer and create memories that will last a lifetime with this bucket list book for couples.