Beginner Calligraphy Workbook for Kids

Beginner Calligraphy Workbook for Kids

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Encourage kids ages 8 to 12 to create wonderful words of art using this modern calligraphy workbook

Modern calligraphy is a decorative form of handwriting that turns words into gorgeous art and offers more freedom than traditional calligraphy, making it easier for kids to learn. This fun workbook teaches kids how to use modern calligraphy to create their very own beautiful letters using four easy-to-follow steps.

What sets the Beginner Calligraphy Workbook for Kids apart from other lettering and modern calligraphy books:

  • The basics—They’ll start by learning the difference between classic and modern calligraphy, the supplies they’ll need, how to hold their pen, and more.
  • Lots of writing—Next they’ll practice the eight strokes that make up calligraphy and learn how to combine them to create letters.
  • Fun alphabets—In this section they'll hone their skills by writing a Whimsical Alphabet, brushing a Bouncy Alphabet, and taking on a Traditional Alphabet.
  • Practice pulling it together—They’ll build on all they’ve learned by focusing on their entry and exit strokes as they practice connecting letters and writing out words.


Help them kick off a new creative learning adventure with the Beginner Calligraphy Workbook for Kids.