Modern Water Bath Canning

Modern Water Bath Canning

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Open the lid on this classic canning technique with new recipes and exciting flavor combinations

Water bath canning has been a traditional method for preserving fresh foods for centuries. This cookbook by author and canning guru, Renee Pottle, brings the canning tradition into the 21st century with modern flavors, unexpected ingredients, reimagined classics, and long-forgotten specialities.

What sets this canning recipes cookbook apart from other canning and preserving books:

  • Canning for beginners—Learn everything you need to start making delicious preserves, including updated canning processes to ensure your preserves are safe, how to tell if your jam has gelled, and what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Stocking the canning kitchen—Discover the essential staples and must-have equipment you need to become a canning rock star, aling with tips on scoring the best ingredients at your local grocery store or farmers market.
  • Creative concoctions—Find recipes for 75 unique sauces, fillings, syrups, pickles, and more—enough to keep you happily canning throughout the harvest season and beyond.


Fill your shelves and your belly with the delectable preserves from this indispensable canning cookbook.