The CBT Workbook for Anger Management

The CBT Workbook for Anger Management

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Take control of your anger with cognitive behavioral therapy exercises

Everyone gets angry sometimes, but when angry outbursts start to affect your well-being and your relationships, it can be tough to rein those feelings in on your own. The CBT Workbook for Anger Management can help you stay clearheaded in upsetting situations with easy cognitive behavioral therapy techniques you can use any time anger strikes.

What sets this book apart:

  • The power of CBT—Learn why CBT is the ideal therapy for anger management and how it can help you reframe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the moment.
  • Hands-on healing—Explore an organized, write-in workbook format that features journal entries and open-ended questions to inspire reflection and understanding.
  • Better communication—Find tips and advice for processing your emotions as they arise and resolving conflicts effectively.


Get started today with evidence-based anger management techniques that can help you feel calm and in control in every scenario.