Premarital Workbook for Christians

Premarital Workbook for Christians

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Prepare for married life with confidence and with God

It’s important to enter marriage with a good understanding of both partners’ beliefs and expectations. The Premarital Workbook for Christians helps couples discuss meaningful subjects and center their relationship on God. 

What sets this workbook apart from other Christian marriage books:

  • Engaging exercises—Address important relationship topics through a combination of short-answer, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice questions, and ranking lists, with plenty of space to respond.
  • Bible-based guidance—This workbook’s advice and insight are rich with Scripture, providing a clear framework for how couples can foster a spiritual partnership and a godly marriage.
  • A modern approach—Written for contemporary couples, the workbook places partners on equal footing while helping them find common ground with matters such as intimacy, money, and parenting.


Walk down the aisle with God by your side after using this premarital couples’ workbook.