Stories of the Stars

Stories of the Stars

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Explore the stories in the stars—a first look at constellations for kids ages 3 to 5

People have always looked up at the stars and seen shapes—and created stories about them. With this book of constellations, kids will learn some of the most famous myths and legends connected to the stars. It’s full of amazing tales that explore everything from the Big Dipper to the adventures of Hercules!

Blast off into astronomy for kids:

  • See into the sky—Bring the constellations to life with illustrations and sky maps that will get kids excited about each new story.
  • Learn to stargaze—Discover where and when to see each constellation in the sky, with tips to help kids (and adults) spot them.
  • Name the stars—Did you know that the constellation Cancer symbolizes a giant crab? Or that Aries represents a ram with wings?


Show little ones the incredible mythology above their heads with this toddler-friendly introduction to constellations for kids.