8-Week Couples Therapy Workbook

8-Week Couples Therapy Workbook

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Build a stronger relationship in just 8 weeks

All relationships face challenges sometimes. No matter how much you love each other or how long you’ve been together, learning how to work through conflict is an ongoing process. This workbook shows you how to do it more effectively and respectfully, so you can create a healthy foundation of communication and enjoy each other even more.

What sets this book apart from other couples therapy workbooks:

  • A guided format—Stay motivated with weekly advice and activities that are simple to do and easy to understand, on a manageable 8-week timeline.
  • A holistic approach—Focus on a different theme each week: communication, intimacy, conflict, money matters, social styles, relationship patterns, values, and love languages.
  • Proven strategies—Find tips and techniques written by an expert and rooted in real therapy treatments to repair and strengthen your relationship.


Pick up this couple's workbook today and create a better future together.