The 5-Minute Daily Devotional

The 5-Minute Daily Devotional

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Weave God’s teachings into your daily life with a year of 5-minute devotions

It only takes a few minutes of Bible study every day to transform your relationship with the Lord. With 5-minute devotions for every day of the year, this daily devotional helps you create a consistent practice that brings you closer to God and provides encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration for all of life’s ups and downs.

What sets this book apart from other devotionals:

  • It takes 5 minutes a day—It’s easy to make God a part of your daily routine with devotions that only take a few minutes to read and contemplate.
  • It enriches your life—Deepen your faith as you explore meaningful topics like setting intentions, letting go of the past, and being grateful.
  • It helps you reflect on the Lord’s lessons—Discover thought-provoking questions after each devotion that encourage you to dive deeper into God’s word.


Spend meaningful time with Scripture every day with this 5-minute devotional.