Optimists Live Longer - Inspirational Quotes

Optimists Live Longer - Inspirational Quotes

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Discover your inner champion with this inspirational quote book

We all have moments in life where we could use a few words of wisdom to inspire more positive thinking. Enter Optimists Live Longer, with its empowering lessons and poignant insights to help you cultivate happiness and gratitude, overcome day-to-day challenges, and thrive as your authentic self.

What sets this book of daily inspirational quotes apart from other quote books:

  • 100 inspirational quotes—Adjust your mindset with a quick dose of guidance and inspiration from luminaries like Helen Keller, Nelson Mandela, and Muhammad Ali.
  • Practice positivity—Engaging exercises interspersed throughout the book demonstrate how you can develop positive habits in your own life, from keeping a gratitude journal to reciting affirmations.
  • Positivity 101—Bite-sized facts throughout offer insight into positive psychology, covering topics like compassionate self-talk, blocking out distractions, achieving flow, and more.
  • A meaningful gift—With its beautiful packaging and charming design, this book is the perfect present for anyone who needs a little encouragement in their life.


Embrace the power of positive thinking, one inspirational quote at a time.