Parenting Teen Girls

Parenting Teen Girls

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Raise a resilient daughter with positive parenting

Parenting a teen girl can keep you on your toes. Girls face a lot of unique struggles, especially these days, and figuring out how to guide them can sometimes be challenging. Enter Parenting Teen Girls. This book includes advice based on positive parenting principles that will help you support and connect with your daughter during this important time in your lives.

What sets this book on parenting teens apart from other parenting books:

  • Become a positive parent—Learn how to communicate with your daughter, let go of control, and reframe challenges into opportunities for growth and acceptance.
  • Learn all about teen girls—Read up on the history of teen girls, and take a look at the challenges teen girls face today so you can understand what your daughter is going through.
  • Be an “emotion coach”—Learn how to handle social or behavioral issues by truly understanding their root causes and helping your daughter navigate her feelings.


Learn how to parent in a way that nourishes the relationship between you and your daughter with this book on raising teenage girls.