Just the Basics Cookbook

Just the Basics Cookbook

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Build your culinary confidence with this essential cookbook

Discover the key ingredients for success in the kitchen with How to Cook: Basic Cookbook. An indispensable reference for new home chefs, this book helps you create a well-stocked kitchen and get cooking with 40 beginner-friendly recipes.

What sets this cooking book apart:

  • Cooking 101—Get ready to start slicing and sautėing with a rundown of must-have equipment along with tips for reading recipes, preparing your workspace, and more.
  • Flavor profiles—Learn to assemble delicious dishes thanks to a detailed explanation of the five basic tastes and lessons in building balanced flavors and textures.
  • 40 delectable recipes—Put your newfound knowledge to the test with a range of simple yet satisfying recipes that will have you cooking everything from Creamy Risotto to Soy Ginger Scallops with confidence.


Sharpen your culinary skills and learn how to prepare tasty meals with How to Cook: Basic Cookbook