Cancer Diet for the Newly Diagnosed

Cancer Diet for the Newly Diagnosed

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Nourish your body throughout your cancer journey

Eating well is essential when you’re facing a cancer diagnosis. This cookbook empowers you with a complete collection of easy recipes that take the guesswork out of proper nutrition during cancer treatment.

What sets this cancer diet cookbook apart:

  • Nutritional knowledge—Learn all about how the meals you make can help you maintain your strength, repair your body, and even improve overall treatment outcomes.
  • Combat symptoms—Gain a clear understanding of which foods are good at counteracting the side effects and symptoms you may experience during treatment, whether you’re fighting fatigue, nausea, or changes in taste.
  • Range of recipes—From Baked Pears with Greek Yogurt for breakfast to a dinner of Sesame Miso Chicken, find a variety of delicious dishes all designed to be nutrient-rich, easy to prepare, and comforting.


Discover how healthy eating can aid your cancer recovery with this cookbook for the newly diagnosed.