The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook

The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook

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Relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease with the AIP

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is a proven way to manage Crohn’s disease by gradually removing and reintroducing foods from your diet to see which ones make you feel your best. This cookbook walks you through the process, with clear advice and simple, soothing recipes designed to help you heal.

Get the Crohn’s disease cookbook that includes:

  • The Crohn’s and AIP connection—Get an overview of the science behind autoimmune symptoms and how the AIP diet is built to combat them.
  • Easy and delicious recipes—Discover a tasty variety of AIP-friendly dishes that are quick to prepare, along with sample meal plans to help you get started.
  • Stay on track—Find handy charts and tips for tracking your symptoms, handling food flare-ups, and quickly referencing what to eat or avoid at different stages of the diet.


Feel healthier and more confident about your food choices with The Crohn’s Disease AIP Cookbook.