The Essential Diet for Fatty Liver

The Essential Diet for Fatty Liver

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Start your journey to better liver health

Did you know that it’s possible to control and even reverse fatty liver disease? This comprehensive guide empowers you to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes that will help heal your liver and leave you feeling great.

What sets this fatty liver cookbook and diet guide apart:

  • Learn all about your liver—Understand the liver’s unique functions, the causes and complications of fatty liver disease, and the building blocks of a liver-friendly diet.
  • Delicious dishes—Wake up with a Coconut Citrus Smoothie, snack on Barbecue Roasted Chickpeas, or enjoy a hearty dinner of Juicy Turkey Sliders using recipes packed with ingredients your liver will love.
  • Strategies for success—Easily alter your diet with help from a seven-day meal plan, smart shopping tips, and advice on the best way to satisfy cravings.


Discover how simple it can be to adjust your eating habits and improve your health with The Essential Diet for Fatty Liver.