Complete Wok Cookbook

Complete Wok Cookbook

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Master your wok with this comprehensive collection of Chinese recipes

A well-seasoned wok can do it all, whether you want to fry, boil, poach, steam, smoke, roast, or braise a delicious Chinese meal. The Complete Wok Cookbook is filled with 125 flavorful recipes that make the most out of your wok, from authentic Chinese home cooking to classic takeout favorites.

What sets this Chinese cookbook apart:

  • Wok fundamentals—Explore a brief history of the wok and find helpful explanations of the different types, how to choose the right wok for you, and how to clean and care for it.
  • Cooking how-tos—Discover all the ways woks can be used in cooking, and find expert guidance on mastering the techniques and skills associated with each method.
  • A wide range of recipes—Fire up your wok and make everything from dim sum, soups, and sauces to meat, seafood, and vegetarian entrées.


Harness the power of your wok and make incredible Chinese dishes at home with this top choice in Asian cookbooks.