The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids

The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids

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From ants to tarantulas—500 awesome facts and photos about bugs for kids ages 8 to 12

Have you ever wondered how many bugs there are on Earth? Or which ones can fly the highest? The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids is packed with 500 incredible facts about insects, arachnids, crustaceans and other creepy crawlies for hours of exploration. Find full-color pictures that uncover life as a bug, alongside trivia about termite towers, beautiful butterflies, cool cocoons, and more. You’ll discover secrets of these amazing creatures, such as…

  • When threatened, MILLIPEDES release smelly ooze from glands along their bodies to protect themselves from predators.
  • Scientists believe that the COCKROACH is the oldest winged insect.
  • Most of the silk that we use in clothing and bedsheets is produced from the cocoons of SILKWORMS.


Kids will light up as they discover tiny larvae and enormous spiders with the best in bug books for kids.