Geology Activity Book for Kids

Geology Activity Book for Kids

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Help kids discover how mountains are formed and rocks are made with this interactive geology book for ages 5-7

Learning about rocks and minerals is a lot more fun when kids can get their hands dirty. This rock book teaches budding scientists all about planet Earth through 19 geological topics that feature hands-on experiments, on-page activities, and fascinating facts.

What sets this geology book apart from other rock books for kids:

  • Real-life experiments—Kids can see what it’s like to be a geologist with simple yet fascinating experiments such as pulling core samples from a candy bar, growing crystals, and creating a volcanic eruption!
  • Earth-based activities—A variety of games, puzzles, and facts help young readers better understand geological concepts and build their scientific vocabulary.
  • Rock spotting—This is also a rock identification book where kids can learn how to identify the rocks and minerals being used in the world around them, from the kitchen to the classroom.


Inspire a future geologist with the interactive fun in this standout among geology books for kids