Math Puzzles for Clever Kids

Math Puzzles for Clever Kids

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Make learning fun with brain-boosting math puzzles for kids ages 4 to 6

Help kids discover how exciting math can be! Packed full of puzzles that teach essential pre-K and kindergarten skills, this book is sure to keep aspiring mathematicians entertained for hours as they count honeybees, color shapes, navigate mazes, and so much more.

What sets Math Puzzles for Clever Kids apart from other math books for kids:

  • Brainpower building—Creative activities make it enjoyable for kids to build basic math knowledge while sharpening their problem-solving and deductive-reasoning skills.
  • 50 math-focused puzzles—Kids will explore the world of numbers and shapes through a variety of puzzle types, including cross sums, patterns, matching, sudoku, word problems, and more.
  • Adorable artwork—Pages filled with all kinds of cute and colorful illustrations will delight kids as they progress from puzzle to puzzle.


Give young learners a leg up on learning with math puzzles they’ll love to do.