ADHD Workbook for Men

ADHD Workbook for Men

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Learn to thrive using these exercises tailored just for men with ADHD

ADHD and its symptoms can often make you question your ability to be strong, confident, and a good provider. This ADHD workbook for adults can help you learn to appreciate your unique set of challenges and harness the power of managing your ADHD to make it work for you instead of against you.

What sets this workbook apart from other ADHD books for adults:

  • An intro to men and ADHD—Discover how adult ADHD symptoms can affect men in terms of career, relationships, self-esteem, and other quality of life factors.
  • Practical strategies—Embrace your neuro differences with approaches and exercises designed to build your self-confidence and improve your time and stress management.
  • Real-life examples—Find inspiring stories of how other men with ADHD have managed their symptoms to start living their best lives.


Break the cycle of guilt and depression brought on by ADHD with the helpful exercises in this ADHD adult workbook.