Complex PTSD Journal

Complex PTSD Journal

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Start healing from complex PTSD through guided journaling

Journaling offers a safe space for you to explore your experiences with complex trauma and develop healthy coping skills you can carry with you through life. The Complex PTSD Journal is filled with introspective prompts and practices that guide you in understanding your emotions, establishing healthier relationships, and finding lasting peace.

What sets this book apart:

  • Four areas of healing—Discover prompts that help you address the wounds of your past, recognize how complex trauma has manifested in your life, cultivate a healthy sense of self, and continue to heal.
  • Uplifting affirmations—Shift your perspective and improve your mood with positive affirmations that remind you of your innate worth and inner strength.
  • Many ways to reflect—Find support for your healing journey with an engaging mix of writing and drawing activities, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditations, and other creative practices.


Take your life back after experiencing trauma with the Complex PTSD Journal.