5-Minute Evening Intention Journal

5-Minute Evening Intention Journal

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Set intentions. Give gratitude. End your day with purpose and peace.

Journaling and living mindfully is a powerful and proven way to increase happiness. Spending just five minutes each evening reflecting on your day, focusing on your intentions, and redirecting your mind from worries will help you gently transition into a restful sleep. This inspiring happiness journal is the perfect way to put your day to bed while manifesting your vision for a greater tomorrow.

What sets this intention journal apart from other self-improvement books:

  • The power of journaling—Learn why journaling and practicing gratitude can boost your ability to handle stress and leave you feeling more energetic and joyful.
  • Relish and reflect—Discover both Daily Journal Pages and Inspiration Pages—together they will guide you in reflecting on your experiences and aspirations for the future.
  • End your day inspired—Take five minutes each night to write down what makes your heart, mind, and spirit feel energized, reflect on all the beauty you see in yourself, and more.


Set yourself up for success by spending a few minutes every night with The Evening 5-Minute Intention Journal.