The Self-Confidence Journal

The Self-Confidence Journal

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Propel yourself forward as you build self-confidence through journaling

Start taking steps to conquer low self-esteem with The Self-Confidence Journal. A powerful companion to The Self-Confidence Workbook, this guided journal offers space to explore your emotions as you learn how to battle negative thoughts and adopt healthy behaviors.

What sets this self-esteem journal apart from other self-confidence books for women:

  • Motivational methods—A thoughtful collection of prompts and affirmations invite deep reflection that helps you to understand where your esteem issues stem from and develop a more positive outlook.
  • Themed approach—The journal is broken down into seven themes, such as facing your fears, which help clarify the path to self-confidence and make each step more manageable in the process.
  • Thoughtful exercises—Apply what you’ve learned with simple exercises like breaking your goals into smaller action items or reframing pessimistic thoughts through a more positive thinking lens.


Break free from self-doubt and boost your confidence with this compassionate journal.