All About Dad and Me

All About Dad and Me

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Deepen your connection to your 8- to 12-year-old daughter using this fun, encouraging journal

From sharing embarrassing stories to describing your perfect day, this dad journal is an opportunity for you and your daughter to learn about each other through writing exercises that encourage honesty, humor, and understanding.

This guided journal will help you strengthen the bond between you and your teen girl with:

  • A range of thought-provoking prompts―Father-daughter relationships are rewarding, but they can also be an emotional roller coaster at times. Both dad and daughter will answer the same questions, from lighthearted entries to deeper questions about your lives, to help you learn about each other’s inner world.
  • Age-appropriate topics―Explore each other’s lives with subjects that girls ages 8 to 12 will find interesting. For example, the best part about being a kid, what she wants to be when he grows up, and her favorite subject in school.
  • A perfect place for sharing―This beautifully crafted memory journal will help you both gain a whole new perspective. You’ll learn things she may be too embarrassed to talk about in person, and she’ll love discovering new things about you and what you were like when you were her age.


Order the All About Dad and Me journal to get closer to your daughter and create a keepsake you’ll both treasure for years to come.