Trauma Recovery Journal

Trauma Recovery Journal

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Recover from trauma and live a happier life

The symptoms of trauma look different from person to person, but there’s one method that’s been proven to help: journaling. The Trauma Recovery Journal is a safe place to explore, reflect, and find support on your healing journey. The insightful writing prompts, expert advice, and inspiring affirmations will help you overcome trauma and rebuild your life.

  • Start where you are—Everyone’s path to healing is unique, and this journal will help you take the first step. You’ll begin by naming your trauma, talking about your symptoms, and defining your goals.
  • Explore your emotions—Once you acknowledge your trauma, you’ll examine your reactions to the experience. By going deeper you’ll learn how to avoid triggers and develop positive methods of coping.
  • Learn healthy self-care—Immerse yourself in prompts and evidence-based exercises like breathing and mindfulness that will help you be your best self.


Better manage your trauma symptoms and feel hopeful about life again with help from the Trauma Recovery Journal.