Trauma Recovery Workbook for Teens

Trauma Recovery Workbook for Teens

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Help teens manage their trauma and move forward

We are greater than the trauma and pain we may experience in our life. This workbook illuminates how healing is possible, explores what trauma is, and shows teens how they can embrace their emotions while developing resiliency.

What sets this trauma workbook apart:

  • Overview of trauma—Gain greater insight into the different types of trauma (from political upheaval to sexual abuse), its physical and mental effects, and the symptoms to look out for.
  • Relatable scenarios—Find comfort and reassurance through anecdotes and questions inspired by other teens who have experienced trauma.
  • Strategies for healing—Discover engaging activities designed to help teens address their trauma and better understand their feelings, from identifying their triggers to practicing meditation and breathwork.


Help teens find a renewed sense of hope as they learn how to work through their trauma and improve their mental health.