The Buddha's Teachings for Beginners

The Buddha's Teachings for Beginners

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Start your Buddhist journey with a clear and simple introduction

Buddhism is a rich and layered belief system, which means exploring it for the first time can be overwhelming—and it’s not always easy to connect the teachings to our lives today. This guide breaks down the central philosophies of Buddhism in clear and concise language that makes them easy to understand and apply to the modern world.

What sets this Buddha book apart:

  • Peace and purpose—Get the most out of your practice with simple explanations that help you truly internalize the core pillars of Buddhism.
  • Answers to big questions—Discover the origins of Buddhism and how the Buddha’s words can help you ease suffering, express gratitude, and understand the nature of existence.
  • Freedom to practice your way—This book encourages you to adopt the teachings that resonate with you and set aside the ones that don’t, so you can create your own relationship with Buddhism.


Immerse yourself in the core teachings of the Buddha with this relatable beginner’s guide.