Buddhism for Teens

Buddhism for Teens

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Help teens find their way to inner peace with Buddhist teachings

It’s not always easy for teens to navigate their lives at home, at school, and with friends, but through Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices they can discover a path to inner calm and awareness. Buddhism for Teens introduces curious teens to the Buddhist way of seeing things and helps them build their emotional strength, their sense of self, and their connection to the world around them.

What sets this Buddhism guide apart:

  • Learning through action—There’s no long-winded introduction to Buddhism here; teens can jump straight into immersive stories and activities that will change the way they look at life.
  • Meditation made simple—Teens will find simple meditations to help them explore Buddhist concepts like joy, balance, and starting a new journey.
  • Buddhism for beginners—This book is designed to be friendly to young newcomers, meaning teens can read from cover to cover or just choose the sections that resonate with them the most.


Teens can experience the peace and balance of Buddhism with this enlightening guide made just for them.