PTSD Recovery Workbook

PTSD Recovery Workbook

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Understand and overcome PTSD with proven healing exercises

Recovering from PTSD is a gradual process that requires deep introspection and expert guidance—which means getting started can feel overwhelming. But this trauma workbook is here to ease your way, offering a safe space for you to learn how trauma and PTSD affect your brain and body, reflect on your experiences, and explore strategies to support your healing journey.

What sets this PTSD workbook apart from other trauma books:

  • A hands-on workbook format—Discover clear and organized advice paired with thought experiments, checklists, and writing prompts that help you identify your feelings and record your progress.
  • Support for any type of trauma—Find the strength to navigate all kinds of trauma, whether it’s from military combat, an abusive relationship, an accident, or anything else that’s been difficult to overcome, no matter how big or small.
  • A mix of therapy techniques—Try out strategies built on a variety of evidence-based recovery methods including cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, and exposure therapy.


Face your past and cope with trauma—the PTSD Recovery Workbook is your first step.