Empathy for Kids

Empathy for Kids

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Show little ones the power of being kind with fun activities for ages 3 to 5

Kids start to understand empathy at an early age—and the best way to model and encourage emotional intelligence is through play! With the fun activities in this kids’ empathy book, kids will practice identifying emotions in themselves and others, and begin noticing how their words and actions affect the people around them.

What sets this kids’ emotions book apart from other empathy books for kids:

  • Learning by doing—Tap into kids’ natural curiosity and creativity with 30 empathy-building activities like playing emotions charades, making kindness cards, or decorating a cookie to someone else’s specifications.
  • Every aspect of empathy—Explore activities that are organized around themes like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, being a helpful member of a community, and more, so kids can learn about different forms of empathy.
  • Advice for adults—Find a whole chapter for parents and caregivers that explains what empathy looks like at different ages, with tips for helping kids understand the lessons in this book.


Teach children to be good friends, active listeners, and considerate of others with Empathy for Kids.