Listening to My Body Activities for Little Kids

Listening to My Body Activities for Little Kids

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Help kids ages 3 to 5 build self-awareness and emotional regulation through fun activities

Little ones can have a lot of big feelings—and learning how to identify and regulate them is a key part of development. This book is filled with engaging activities that teach kids how to make a connection between bodily sensations and their emotions, helping them build social-emotional skills that will last a lifetime.

What sets Listening to My Body Activities for Kids apart from other behavior books for kids:

  • Guidance for caregivers—Learn more about co-regulation, the connection between sensations and feelings, and your child’s capabilities and limitations at different developmental ages and stages.
  • A mix of 30 activities—From breathing like a dragon to going on a scavenger hunt adventure, kids will explore a variety of instructional exercises that make learning fun.
  • Labels and tips for success—Each activity includes colorful labels that tell you how messy it is and how long it will take to prep and complete, plus pro tips for getting the most out of the exercise.


Support your little one as they develop emotional intelligence with this fun-filled activity book.