All About Rocks and Minerals

All About Rocks and Minerals

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Dig in to a fun first look at rocks and gems for kids ages 3 to 5

From tiny pebbles to huge mountains, rocks are everywhere! And kids will learn all about them with My First Rocks and Minerals Book. It’s packed full of fascinating facts and photos that help little ones explore 50 impressive stones. They’ll discover what each one looks like, what makes it unique, and more.

  • The life of a rock—Start with a brief introduction that explains how rocks are formed, the 3 types of rock, and the difference between rocks, minerals, and crystals.
  • Big, beautiful images—Colorful pictures let kids get up close and personal with all kinds of awesome rocks and gems.
  • Amazing rock facts—Did you know that there’s a special stone for the month you were born? Or that sailors believed aquamarine would protect them at sea?


Give curious kids an exciting introduction to geology with My First Rocks and Minerals Book for kids.