My Kindergarten Science Workbook

My Kindergarten Science Workbook

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Introduce science and observation skills with activities for kids ages 5 to 6

Encourage kids’ natural curiosity about the world with puzzles and games that help them learn all about science! My Kindergarten Science Workbook gets them started with the key components of science through activities like identifying the parts of a plant, matching animals to what they eat, and exploring the 5 senses. From connecting the dots to tic-tac-toe, kindergarteners will discover a huge variety of science-based exercises that help them learn while they play.

  • Games and activities galore—Make the fun and learning last with 101 awesome activities for after-school and summertime play.
  • Educational and fun—Watch little ones light up as they discover how water becomes ice, the different kinds of machines, and the phases of the moon.
  • Made for kindergarteners—Support classroom skills with activities that build on the national standards for kindergarten education.


Put little ones on the path to success with a kindergarten workbook that gets them excited about earth science, outer space, and beyond!