Kindergarten Activity Book: Space

Kindergarten Activity Book: Space

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Color the cosmos, add up the astronauts, and launch into learning with activities for kids ages 5 to 6

Set off on an intergalactic adventure that teaches reading, writing, and math! This kindergarten activity book is bursting with dot-to-dots, picture hunts, color-by-numbers, and more that little learners can take anywhere for hours of outer-space fun.

What sets the Kindergarten Activity Book: Space apart from other activity books for kindergartners:

  • Out-of-this-world activities—Follow the letters to guide a spaceship through a maze, find the matching galaxies, and solve equations to discover a UFO!
  • A brainpower booster—Strengthen kindergarten skills with puzzles and games that get more challenging on every page—all it takes is a crayon.
  • Amazing planets, stars, and rockets—Explore cool illustrations of different objects out in space that are sure to surprise and delight.


Educate and entertain with this book of fun and games that helps kindergarteners succeed.