The Big Feelings Book for Children

The Big Feelings Book for Children

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Help kids get through big feelings with mindfulness activities for ages 5 to 7

It’s normal for kids to experience feelings so big that they’re hard to manage! This book is filled with engaging exercises that show kids how to use mindfulness to work through tough emotions and feel happier fast.

What sets this book apart from other feelings books for children:

  • 4 big feelings—Kids will learn how to handle anger, excitement, anxiety, and sadness with helpful mindfulness activities.
  • Different ways to find calm—This book offers a mix of peaceful exercises that encourage kids either to move their body or pause and breathe.
  • Strategies for kids—Discover beginner-friendly activities with colorful pictures and clear instructions that make it easy for kids ages 5 to 7 to practice mindfulness.


Give little ones the tools they need to manage big feelings with this top choice in emotion books for kids.