Depression Relief Journal

Depression Relief Journal

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Break through depression with creative mindfulness activities

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for disrupting the negative thought patterns that come with depression—and being creative is the perfect way to bring it into your daily life. This collection of mindfulness-based prompts and exercises shows you how creativity empowers you in the moment, while also helping you make real changes to the way you look at your depression and yourself.

What sets this depression workbook apart:

  • Understanding depression—Learn more about what depression is, how it manifests, and how both mindfulness and creative undertakings can help you better manage your feelings.
  • Freedom of expression—Discover a wide variety of creative prompts that are sure to inspire, from drawing the shape of your discomfort to writing your own recipe for happiness.
  • Thoughtful practice—Short and simple mindfulness exercises provide you with the tools you need to focus on the moment and disrupt negative thought patterns.


Explore the power of creative mindfulness with this standout among books on depression.