Unlocking the Teenage Brain

Unlocking the Teenage Brain

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Understand the inner workings of your teen’s changing brain

The teen years are a vital period of brain development, and understanding the origins and adaptive functions of your teen’s behavior can help you support them as they grow. This parenting book digs deep into the shape-shifting adolescent brain, demystifying teens’ behavioral and emotional development with the latest research in child development and neuroscience.

What sets this teenage brain book apart:

  • A holistic look at the teenage brain—Each chapter highlights a different area of the adolescent brain, the functions it controls, and its current level of development and how that impacts behavior.
  • Positive parenting strategies—Apply what you’ve learned to real-life situations with practical parenting pointers that help you navigate your teen’s personality shifts, have important discussions, and connect with each other.
  • Relatable parenting stories—Read realistic anecdotes that provide context for the research while demonstrating successful communication between parents and teenagers.


Grow closer to your teen by better understanding how their brain works.