Witchcraft for the Home

Witchcraft for the Home

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Conjure up a purified, protected, and balanced home with enchanting spells and rituals

We all have the power to work a little magic inside our homes. With domestic spells, rituals, and remedies, this charming witchy book has everything you need to know about home witchcraft and how you can use it to manifest your desires.

  • Wise witchy guidance—Learn all about home witchcraft and how it helps you connect to your ancestors and household spirits.
  • Magic for every purpose—Explore witchcraft recipes for everything from driving away negative spirits and attracting abundance, to stopping gossip and bringing luck into any room.
  • Enhance your magic—Discover how to harness the power of the elements, lunar phases, astrology, and the seasons to heighten your home witchcraft.


Transform your abode into a divine sanctuary with Witchcraft for the Home.