Growth Mindset Journal for Girls

Growth Mindset Journal for Girls

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Help girls ages 8 to 12 grow their skills and boost their confidence 

When young girls believe that they can do anything they dream of, every new situation becomes an opportunity to learn and grow! This confidence-building journal helps any girl embrace a growth mindset and discover how smart and capable she truly is. With a range of insightful writing prompts and exercises, this kids journal for girls can help her become braver and happier every day.

What sets this growth mindset journal for kids apart from the rest:

  • Empowering advice—Girls will explore how a growth mindset can give them a healthy self-esteem and the power to control their own success.
  • A growth mindset for life—This journal shows girls how change can be a good thing, how to think positive in spite of obstacles, and how to face the future with curiosity and optimism.
  • Hands-on inspiration—Fun challenges like writing a motivational letter to themselves or creating a vision board of their goals will help girls practice what they’ve learned.


Encourage any girl to develop a growth mindset with the journal that helps her tackle any challenge.