The Bachelor Cookbook

The Bachelor Cookbook

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Make the kitchen your new man cave as you learn to cook

Sure, frozen foods and delivery are easy—but they can also be expensive and unhealthy. Plus, there’s something supremely satisfying about sitting down to a meal you made yourself. And this bachelor cookbook shows you just how easy it can be with step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner after a long day, hoping to impress a date, or having the guys over for a game, you’ll find delicious recipes you can nail. Even if you’ve never cooked before.  

What sets this apart from other cookbooks for beginners:

  • Get the right gear—Learn all about the tools you’ll need—from measuring cups to mandolins—in order to slice and dice your way to culinary success.
  • From novice to pro—Quickly develop your skills as you go from simple, solo recipes like Strawberry-Banana Smoothies to preparing impressive dinners for friends like Mango-Glazed Tuna Steaks.
  • Find practical tips—Boost your confidence with advice on keeping your kitchen stocked, properly handling food (and flames), how to perfectly season a dish, and more.


Get comfortable in the kitchen with this must-have cookbook for men.