The Complete Guide to Grilling Steak

The Complete Guide to Grilling Steak

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Set your steak game to sizzle

Nothing beats a perfectly grilled steak. But how do you create that supremely satisfying flavor at home? Enter The Complete Guide to Grilling Steak. This meaty cookbook is full of tips that take you from purchase and prep through grilling, slicing, and serving a superb steak.

What makes this steak cookbook stand out:

  • Master the grill—Handle your grill like a pro with a primer on gas vs. charcoal, direct vs. indirect heat, achieving the right searing temperature, and so much more.
  • Know your cuts—Learn the difference between a flank steak and a flat iron as you explore the cuts and quality of meat, the aging process, and the best way to prepare every type of steak.
  • Steaks, sides, and sauces—Grill up a full feast with both classic and creative steak recipes, along with perfectly paired sides, rubs, and marinades.


Pick up this must-have grilling cookbook and serve some spectacular steaks tonight.