Chess Strategy for Beginners

Chess Strategy for Beginners

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Learn how to think three moves ahead

Chess is a complex and challenging game—but that’s what makes it so much fun. And this chess book for beginners doesn’t just teach you the rules. From the Queen’s Gambit to the Scholar’s Mate, you’ll learn how to execute the most effective strategies and become a worthy chess opponent.

What sets this book apart from other chess strategy books:

  • A beginner’s guide—Jump right into the game even if you’ve never played before, with an overview of the board setup, the game mechanics, and the role of each piece.
  • Winning techniques—Examine 30 gameplay tactics, complete with illustrations, that will help you plan your attack and play your way toward checkmate.
  • Practice games—Try sample chess scenarios that challenge you to come up with the next move and sharpen your skills even further.e


Make your opening move with Chess Strategy for Beginners.