The Ultimate Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook

The Ultimate Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious desserts made in your Instant Pot

Everyone loves dessert, but baking can feel time-consuming—especially when you want a sweet treat fast.  The Ultimate Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook is here to show you how to whip up smooth cheesecakes, silky puddings, quick fruit pies, and more, right on your countertop! With so many options, you might never go back to the oven for dessert!

What sets this Instant Pot recipe book apart from other dessert cookbooks:

  • An Instant Pot primer—Learn why your Instant Pot is perfect for baking, thanks to its many features. You’ll go over parts, control panels, and step-by-step cooking methods.
  • Simple recipes—Whether you’re looking for elegant dinner party desserts, treats for after-school snacks, or a sweet addition to brunch, you’ll find a variety of time-saving recipes that feature easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Bake with just a few tools—Although some recipes require a hand mixer or food processor, all the actual cooking is done in your Instant Pot for fast, delicious desserts.


Take easy baking to a whole new level using The Ultimate Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook