Flexitarian Cookbook for Beginners

Flexitarian Cookbook for Beginners

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Go flexitarian with this starter guide to (mostly) plant-based eating

This vegan version of the flexitarian diet is a healthy and delicious way to incorporate plant-based meals into your routine without giving up meat and dairy altogether. But if you’re new to plant-based eating, getting started can feel overwhelming. The Flexitarian Cookbook for Beginners makes adjusting to this diet easy, with simple and delicious recipes that are ready to eat in a flash.

What sets this flexitarian cookbook apart:

  • Flex eating tips—Every one of these plant-based recipes includes easy suggestions for adding meat, fish, or dairy for those days when you’re craving a little more variety, or feeding a non-flexitarian crowd.
  • Convenient cooking techniques—From 5-ingredient recipes to one-pot meals and 30-minute prep times, these dishes are designed to cut down on time spent in the kitchen and at the grocery store.
  • Guided meal plans—Ease into the flexitarian lifestyle with two sample meal plans that each detail everything you’ll eat for a week, with clear instructions and complete shopping lists to ensure success.


Get healthier and enjoy flavorful favorites with this entry point into the flexitarian diet for beginners.