30-Minute Meatless Cookbook

30-Minute Meatless Cookbook

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Whip up satisfying vegetarian dishes in a snap

Vegetarian cooking is nutritious, delicious, and environmentally friendly. And whether you went meatless years ago or you’re just starting to experiment, this cookbook helps you create vegetarian recipes that are short on prep but big on flavor.

What sets this easy vegetarian cookbook apart:

  • Vegetarian basics—Discover how simple it can be to maintain a balanced diet with powerful proteins like tofu, filling fats such as coconut milk, complex carbs like quinoa, and more.
  • Easy execution—Quickly throw together a delicious dish in 30 minutes or less, with a range of classic and creative vegetarian recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Pro tips for ease and speed—Keep cooking stress-free with advice on everything from shopping shortcuts to recipe hacks like swapping tahini for peanut sauce or buying pre-cut veggies to save time.


Find out how simple and scrumptious vegetarian cooking can be with this must-have meatless cookbook.