Famous Artists in History

Famous Artists in History

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Amazing stories of artists with a unique view of the world—for kids ages 8 to 12

Art makes the world a more beautiful and interesting place to live! Throughout history, all over the world, artists have created beautiful pieces that inspired the hearts and minds of millions of people. This collection of biographies for kids explores 15 artists from today and long ago, and how their diverse experiences and beliefs brought their work to life.

This book of famous artists for kids includes:

  • Stories set in stone—Learn about sculptors from hundreds of years ago, like Michelangelo and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and how they used marble to recreate human bodies in incredible detail.
  • Powerful pictures—Read the stories of photographers like Julia Margaret Cameron and Gordon Parks who captured the faces and lives of ordinary people to draw attention to their struggles.
  • Art as self-expression—Discover how Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat used their vibrant painting style to make bold statements about who they were and where they were from.


Show any aspiring artist that they have a strong and beautiful point of view with this illuminating art history book for kids.